8 Steps to Super-Charge your Email Marketing

Email marketing is dead! Long live email marketing! Thanks to the acts of several dozen handfuls of broadly stupid people, email marketing fell out of favour a few years ago. It was used, abused and became tainted with an untrustworthy reputation. With social media on the up, many people decided that email marketing had had its day. But the truth is, if you’re not using it, you’re missing out. Believed to be up to 40 times more effective than social media, email marketing could deliver you the highest ROI of any part of your PR budget. You just need to do things properly.

How to Make Email Marketing Work for You

  1. Build your subscriber list organically. Never, ever buy email contacts: in some countries email marketing is highly regulated and it can sometimes be illegal to send unsolicited email, in every country it’s unwelcome and can lead to IP address, and even domain name blacklisting. If you want loyalty, attract genuine opted-in customers.
  2. Plan your campaign. Before you start, get to know – who your target is – what they want – where they want to read about it – and when they want to receive your emails.
  3. Make it personal. No one wants to think that they’re just one of many notches on an e-bedpost. So, use software to generate a name, and only send content that is relevant – if you have a sale on baby clothes, don’t send it to a 98-year-old in a retirement village.
  4. Avoid the spam folders. Using subject lines that sell, poorly coded content, Javascript and RSS feeds will increase your chances of being caught by spam filters. That’s before you get to spam reports and end up in blacklists.
  5. Make it easy to unsubscribe. There’s no point emailing people who don’t want to hear from you, they’ll never make a purchase. Also, most modern compliance and spam legislations, such as the CAN-SPAM act, make it an obligation for you to provide an opt-out – and honour it!
  6. Make emails mobile friendly. 66% of emails are now read on mobile devices. If emails don’t display properly on a mobile, 70% of people will delete them, and 15% will unsubscribe.
  7. Test for success. Email marketing provides you with shed loads of data, so use it. Perform split tests on everything – subject lines, sending times, offers, layout – and see what works best.
  8. Stay on top of your housekeeping with EmailVerifier. A little laxity can easily lead to wasted time – or worse, blacklisting, so stay on top of your subscriber lists. 2% is the industry standard bounce rate, if you go over this it can cost dearly in terms of your sender reputation and inbox rate. Pay attention to whether your mail is being opened and by whom. Make sure that subscriber addresses exist. With our powerful algorithm performing syntax checks, email domain server checks, SMTP email confirmation checks, and a whole heap of other real time proprietary checks, EmailVerifier can dramatically decrease redundant and invalid/undeliverable email addresses, keeping your subscriber list healthy and your ISP blacklist flags low.
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